Fish In Season - June 2022

Fish In Season - June 2022

CA Seafoods Admin

As we all know, the availability of fish is sometimes limited to species that are available in certain months of the year. With the sea water warming up over the summer, species such as the, Mackerel, Turbot, and Plaice can be found in shallower waters. You may even catch a sub-tropical exotic species around the southwest of England.

We have compiled a list of fish that is in season in UK waters for you to have a look through. By choosing to eat ‘in-season’ wild seafood can give the oceans a chance to bounce back, and for you some peace of mind about what you are eating.


A high quality and sustainable white fish similar in flavour to Cod, beloved in Spain and starting to make a name for itself here in Britain. High in protein with an exceptionally low fat content, lends itself very well to Spanish flavours. Caught in the UK, mainly on the south coast.



A classic British staple, Mackerel is a strong tasting oily fish that is easy to cook and pairs well with most flavours and is exceptionally good as part of a healthy, balanced diet. We use Mackerel in a variety of different products here at CA Seafoods, for example in our Smoked Mackerel Pate, our whole kiln roast Mackerel or kiln roasted fillet twin packs available in plain, peppered or chilli. We smoke our Mackerel in our very own Smokehouse, where we do a whole range of hot and cold smoked products. Why not have a browse through them to see if there is anything you would like to try.


The European Plaice is a wonderful flat fish, cheaper than some of it's cousins and exceptionally high in vitamins B & D, with a fine flaky texture. Great baked whole with fresh veg and mild herbs. Available as a whole fish or in fillets


One of the royalties of the sea, A dense meaty fish that cooks into large flaking chunks. Famed for its mild and sweet flavour it pairs well with strong and bold flavours. Not the cheapest fish but definitely worth it.

There are many other fish that are in season around this time of year including some species of Bream. We have written a blog about Bream which tells you where it comes from, how to cook it and some suggested recipes. You can read this here.

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