Sheringham Smokehouse is one of the last remaining traditional smokeries left on the North Norfolk coastline.

Norfolk has long been famed for its coast and the products that come from it, be it Crabs, Lobsters, Oysters, Mussels, Herring and all the other wonderful Fish and Shellfish we enjoy.

Our Smokehouse dates back to before the turn of the 19th century if not further. It would have been a hive of activity in days gone past when smoking fish was a necessity before fridge and freezers.

We have brought both the smokehouse and the attached flint building (now a production and packaging facility) up to current food standards whilst maintaining the history and charm that has come before us.
Although we love the fantastical storied history of the smokehouse we are not stuck in the past. We have an exceptionally strong passion about fish and the art of smoking it in a traditional way while looking at pushing the creative boundaries for the modern taste buds.

One of our biggest aims is to increase the amount of products that are smoked so even if you are well versed in the world of smoked fish there will always be something new and interesting to try!

Head on over to the smoked fish section to see our current offering. Our selection includes the classics such as Smoked Haddock and Smoked Salmon, as well as some unusual but exciting creations such as Beetroot Cured Salmon, or even our amazing Smoked Olives in oil

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