Everything You Need to Know About … Sea Bream

Everything You Need to Know About … Sea Bream

CA Seafoods Admin

Not spoken about often enough is Sea Bream. It is getting on more and more dinner tables and restaurant menus these days. Either whole or in fillets, it can be made delicious with just a few ingredients so if you are new to it, we think it is well worth a go.


Sea bream are a group of compact, medium-sized fish known as Sparidae. The vast majority of Sea Bream sold in the UK comes from Mediterranean farmed gilthead bream (Sparus aurata). Gilthead bream are so called after the gold bar on their foreheads. With their metallic sheen and chunky profile, the gilthead bream is a beauty of a fish.

Gilthead Bream are predatory coastal fish, and can grow to lengths of 70cm. Interestingly, they can live for up to 11 years. Mostly, they are found in coastal areas, however they have been known to be caught in deeper waters. They Spawn around November and December each year. Studies have shown they are solitary fish, their diet consists of worms, crustaceans and small fish. Little know fact, these fish start life as males and change sex when they reach around three years of age.

At CA Seafoods, we sell them whole or in fillets. They are very versatile and can be cooked on a barbeque, grilled or baked in salt. After having a look around, we have picked out some recipes for you to try out below.







How do we sell Sea Bream?

Fillets - boneless portions taken from behind the head to the tail.

Whole -  include the bone for extra flavour.

Health Benefits from eating Sea Bream

Sea Bream is low calories and rich in B vitamins, and a portion will help with your recommended levels of heart healthy vitamins and minerals. 

Cooking Tips

It sounds obvious, but you should take care not to overcook sea bream. When shallow pan frying, cook at a higher heat, up to 250C. This avoids the Bream poaching in its own juices. They only ever take a few minutes on each side and they’re ready to eat.

Sea Bream is at its best served with Mediterranean or Asian sauces, as the light delicate flavour works best with this. Also, a light and creamy sauce such as lemon and butter sauce works well if having the fish whole.

Prepare it yourself

Use kitchen scissors to cut off the fins, then use a fish scaler or the back of a knife to descale the fish. Using a sharp knife (and taking care while doing so) remove the head and discard, then divide the fish into fillets by slicing along the backbone from head to tail and removing the fillet. Turn the fish over and do the same on the other side. Remove any pin bones using tweezers and then cook in the method of your choosing.

You can of course order Sea Bream online, or if you are able to, pop in and see us at our shop in the lovely town of Sheringham.